NYM Creates a Comprehensive Model For Personal Islamic Development

Reasons to Contribute to NYM: Reason #7

It’s the thing that most are seeking, yet it’s difficult to attain and even more difficult to maintain: Personal growth and development.

Support NYM to continue offering workshops, programs and courses specifically designed to meet the personal development needs of Muslims in our community. Events like: Siraat to Success, Road to Redemption, and Heroes honed in on specific challenges faced by individuals and allow attendees to walk away with not only a mindshift, but practical ways to create positive change.

The regular Life Haqq podcast is not about passive listening, instead it encourages listeners to engage in reflection, self growth, and promotes the acquisition of improved habits (

NYM iNK’s dream of promoting personal development of our ummah is best demonstrated through our investment in volunteers. Our goal at NYMiNK is to support volunteers to enhance their skills, develop strong relationships with their fellow Muslims, and to ultimately become Muslims who are closer to their deen. Volunteers go through an enriching training program prior to major events like conferences that not only prepares them for their duties, but allows them to gain skills that are applicable in many professional and educational settings.

Providing mentorship and guidance to volunteers, community members, and local MSAs are all part of NYM iNK’s vision to achieve a thriving Muslim community.

To support this vision, contribute at the link below on this blessed Arafat Day:

Yousra Syeda

Yousra has been an active member of NYM iNK for the past 12 years, participating in organizing and coordinating NYM initiatives and programs across Western Canada. She is also a Registered Social Worker, working in the field of intellectual disability for the past decade. Yousra is a "boy mom" who loves spending time with her two young sons.
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