Our Story

The Nation of Young Muslims organization was established in 1999 by a group of western Canadian Muslim youth who dared to challenge the status quo of pop culture and offer the Muslim youth of today a better alternative. NYM strives to provide those youth living in the west a lifestyle that is not only attractive and tailored to their time and place, but also a way of life they can be proud of – a way of life whose foundations are firmly based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). This holistic approach is no small undertaking and, as part of our mandate, we aim to work with and empower local organizations and communities as we continue to move forth with new creative and innovative NYM initiatives.

In response to the variety of issues and problems Muslim youth face today, NYM has developed a range of innovative and exciting events.

Camp Sunnah is an annual western Canadian Muslim leadership initiative in its fourth year of operation. Camp Sunnah is designed to unite those Muslims from across Canada who have a desire for Islamic work and aspire to make a difference in their own lives, their Muslim community, and society as a whole.

In 2008, NYM founded one of the largest annual Islamic conferences in western Canada. The name echoes our cause as the Generation Muslim Conference aims to affirm our Islamic identity with themes that are designed to address many of the problems and struggles faced by Muslim youth trying to practice Islam here in the West.

NYM’s professional dawah training workshop, Training Day, empowers youth with the knowledge, skills, etiquette, and confidence to properly convey the message of Islam to the North American society.

Other events include Hearts of Champions (an inter-city basketball game and evening event involving Saskatoon and Calgary), Road to Redemption (an event centered around forgiveness and repentance), Adam’s Family Poetry Contest (a poetry contest to encourage young Muslims), and Heroes (an inspiring look into the lives of the Companions of the Prophet). Many of these events include multiple cities and communities.

We have a specialty in graphic design, producing all promotional material “in house” as well as providing event materials for many other Islamic organizations. NYM also produces its own series of dawah materials that are currently supplying many of the MSA’s and their dawah ventures across western Canada.

The NYM multimedia department plays a pivotal role in helping us accomplish our goals, as video media has become a significant part of the life and communication of today’s Muslim youth. Large amounts of resources were put into acquiring professional equipment and the hiring of a student employee to work full time to produce elite media works to reach the hearts and minds of our fellow youth.

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