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From Thug To Peace – An Interview with Mutah Beale

NYMiNK recently had a chance to interview brother Mutah Beale, formerly known as “Napoleon” from Tupac’s Outlaws.

The former rap artist enlightened us with his unique perspective on relevant youth issues.


  1. As-salaamu alaikum

    Its really refreshing to see those who have acquired “it All” in this dunya, trade it for Iman and submission to Allah swt. I’m glad someone is bringing these bits of fresh air to us, keep up the hard work and pure intentions NYM.


    Moved Muslim

  2. Asalamu Alakum

    I really like to see people comming back to there roots, i just love hearing peoples stories and this is one of those that make me

    Y]appreciate having islam and being able to thank god that i have been blessed, and for all the muslims across the world have been

    blessed and listening to these stories should make you realise that if you find islam your life starts to make so much sense.
    so thanx nymink for sharing this with us god bless you all.

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