Reason #3 to Support NYM: Invest in Critical Programming for Sisters

Support NYM to continue empowering Muslim women across Canada with inspiring and knowledge driven sisters initiatives.


NYM has hosted and collaborated on various sisters events over the years, including the Mirror, Mirror Workshop and the Me & My Hijab event. The Imancipation Project is an NYM Sister-led initiative that seeks to inspire an intellectual and spiritual shift in the perspective and actions of Muslimahs in Western Canada.
NYM also provides a platform for sisters to regularly lead and partake in meaningful dialogue and actively contribute to da’wah. In the most recent Life Haqq podcast episode released, a panel discussion took place with MSA Sisters on “Amplifying Muslimah Voices” – Check it out here:
Alhamdullilah the efforts put forth are not tokenistic in nature, and instead focus on meaningful and critical work, dialogue, and impact.
Contribute at the link below and follow us for more information.

Amanee Elchehimi

Muslimah. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mom. Friend. Non-profit Leader. Registered Clinical Counsellor & Mental health Advocate. Lover of all things baked.


  1. I have always benefited immensely as a sister from NYM programs and leadership opportunities, alhumdulillah! I feel it truly provides me a voice and place as a Muslimah where I can be authentic and realize what it really means to be a Muslim woman. JazakumAllah khairun

  2. I completely agree – it’s been my own lived experience and that of other sisters I know. It’s not just tokenism at all, but meaningful, principled engagement and involvement.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this! This has certainly been my experience over the span of many years, and I’m so blessed to have benefited from the meaningful emphasis placed on sisters involvement and programming at NYM iNK.

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