Ramadan Resurrection Recap

NYM Ink and Masjid Al Salaam team up for an amazing Ramadan Resurrection program

Br. Mohammed lead Maghrib with a breathtaking recitation and the program with Dr. Syed Ibn Iqbal was underway shortly after salat and a hot cup of the Masjid’s special chai. Dr. Syed shared powerful reflections, reminders and naseeha on how we can prepare and benefit from this blessed month of Ramadan.

The night ended off with a delicious community dinner served by the masjid volunteers and spending time in the company of fellow brothers and sisters.

SubhanAllah there was another bonus in store that night.  A group of friends had brought a non-Muslim colleague interested in Islam to the masjid. Br. Shaheer from the NYM team had a lengthy conversation about Islam along with the group of friends and gave a tour of the Masjid.

Allahu Akbar!

With the blessing of Allah (swt), she was ready to take her shahadah but instead preferred to take it the first night of Ramadan. Br. Shaheer, Mufti Yahya Momla and her friends were all there to witness the Shahadah the following night to start Ramadan 2024 off.

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