NYM is always looking for strong, passionate, and dedicated volunteers to aid in our Dawah efforts. We have various opportunities and positions for you to implement your expertise and to gain reward at the same time! Each section will provide an explanation of where your skills would be implemented within our operations, as well as skill requirements. There are many skills requirements listed within each position, this however, does not mean that you must have all the skills listed, but even if you have experience in one area, we can surely use your expertise. So contact info@nymink.com!

The positions are as follows:

Computer Graphic Artist

NYM Computer Graphic Artists have the unique opportunity of turning an idea into a barrage of creativity through graphic design. Your skills will be used in the following areas of operation:

– Website Images

– Dawah Pamphlets/Brochures

– Marketing and Advertising Campaigns (incl. posters, flyers, banners, etc.)

Skill Requirements

Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Computer Animation Specialist

NYM Animation Specialists will take simple ideas on paper and turn them into exciting multimedia projects for all to see and enjoy. Your skills as an Animation Specialist will be used in the following areas of operation:

– Promotional Videos/Event Trailers

– Webcasts

– Multimedia Dawah Initiatives and more!

Skill Requirements

Flash, Maya, 3D Studio, etc.

Web Design

At NYM we refer to those in our Web Design Department as ‘Web Geniuses’, because we believe it takes intense creativity, intelligence, and commitment to run and maintain a high quality, interactive website dedicated to Dawah! Your skills as a NYM Web Genius will be utilized in the following areas:

– Website Building

– Back End Development

– Front End Development (incl. design & layout)

Skill Requirements:

Web Template Design, Skills in HTML/CSS/PHP, Form Interactions, Scripting & Rich Media (i.e. JavaScript, Flash), Browsers & OS, etc.

Literary Arts

NYM has several opportunities to verbalize their expertise in the field of literary arts. NYM is always looking for enthusiastic writers who are passionate about writing. We are also looking for those who have an expertise in grammar, as well as editing skills. Your skills as a NYM Literary Artist will be utilized in the following areas:

– E-Magazines

– Contemporary & Islamic Articles

– Short Stories

– Editorials

– Script Writing

– Poetry

– Recipes for Sisters Cafe

Skill Requirements:

It is difficult to place requirements on a field that is so limitless. From those who will focus primarily on writing, we expect that ideas will be presented coherently and in a structured manner. From those who will focus on editing and grammar, we expect that they have a proper understanding when it comes to punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar.


NYM believes that its Photographers are a precious commodity, as NYM is always looking to provide its audience with images that are unique to NYM and not copied and pasted from the Internet! As a NYM Photographer, your skills will be utilized in the following areas:

– Photography

– Image Manipulation

Skill Requirements:

Thorough understanding of camera operation (incl. films, lenses, filters, etc.), lighting, and composition. We are looking for serious photographers who already own the proper equipment (i.e. SLR Camera, stand, etc.)

Event Builder

NYM hosts several events across Western Canada throughout the year. We prize those volunteers who take initiative when it comes to organizing, implementing, and executing small and large events. Your skills as an NYM Event Builder will be utilized in the following areas:

– Marketing/Advertising Campaigns across your City

– Distribution of Event Related Materials (ex. flyers)

– Volunteer Recruitment (for events at hand)

– Logistics (incl. location, seating requirements, food requirements, etc.)

– Ticket Sales

Skill Requirements:

Organizational Skills, Project Management, Commitment, & Dedication!

General Volunteers

NYM has a wide scope that ranges across major cities in Western Canada. Therefore, our programs are highly dependent on the efforts of our General Volunteers! Your skills as a NYM General Volunteer will be used in the following areas:

– Putting up Posters; Handing out Flyers for Events

– Set Up/Take Down @ Events

Skill Requirements:

Commitment, Enthusiasm, & Dedication!

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