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[quote]Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) made helping others a human and social duty upon every Muslim, saying,

“There is a (compulsory) sadaqah (charity) to be given for every joint of the human body (as a sign of gratitude to Allah) everyday the sun rises. To judge justly between two persons is regarded as sadaqah; and to help a man concerning his riding animal, by helping him to mount it or by lifting his luggage on to it, is also regarded as sadaqah; and (saying) a good word is also sadaqah; and every step taken on one’s way to offer the compulsory prayer (in the mosque) is also sadaqah; and to remove a harmful thing from the way is also sadaqah.”

Reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim with a sound chain of transmission[/quote]

One of the defining characteristics of the next generation of young Muslims is their social awareness and willingness to affect change around them.  Volunteerism is a fundamental aspect of Islam, and Muslims helping one another without any expectation of reward (save from Allah SWT) is trait Muslims are famous for.

Generation Muslim needs You! Organizing and running a conference of this magnitude would be impossible without the help of our amazing volunteers, and it’s because of them we are able to hold such events.

If you’d like to volunteer with Generation Muslim, please fill in the form below.


Volunteer Info

Benefits and Perks:

  • Great rewards from Allah SWT
  • Conference admission plus conference T-shirt (discounted amount of $30)
  • Free volunteer breakfast with the speakers on the 2nd day of the conference


  • Heavily involved in the assistance of conference coordination, facilitation and preparation. Involved in volunteering weeks in advance of the conference
  • TICKET SALES: Sell tickets at masajid, schools, organizations & privately
  • FLYER DISTRIBUTION: Sell tickets at masajid, schools, organizations & privately
  • FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT: Provide khateeb with GenM conference script for 4 Fridays until the conference begins

If you would like to help at the conference, here’s some other ways you can volunteer:

  • inform family/friends about the conference
  • pass on the message by email, Facebook etc.. about the conference
  • purchase tickets for yourself to attend the conference
  • purchase tickets for other family/friends to attend the conference
  • make a donation at the conference

Jazakum Allah Khair and may Allah SWT reward you for your efforts.

[box_light]We are no longer accepting Volunteer applications at this time. Thank you for you interest![/box_light]

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