Generation Muslim

“You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah” (Quran 3:110)

Our role and purpose of existence in this life has always been to connect with our Creator and become ambassadors of Islam. Will the Muslim Ummah implode as the condition of the Muslims weakens and the difficulties magnify? Or will it rise through a generation of people who derive inspiration, confidence and strength from the message of their Rabb.

This Spring 2018 Generation Muslim is back for its 8th year in a row and the aim is as strong as ever: “Inspiring Confidence. Reviving Identity”

Generation Muslim is the manifestation of a vision to revive and strengthen the Islamic identity of Muslims living in North America, empower families to connect with their Deen together and in turn inspire our community with a mere glimpse of what we can achieve when we are united with one another.

Are the talks just for youth?
This conference is not just for youth, a casual hang-out, or a temporary Iman boost, instead it discusses solutions to core issues faced by all Muslims, not just youth issues.

Is GenM just about lectures by celebrity sheikhs?
GenM is hosted by a team that has been on the ground with the Muslim Community and front lines of Dawah for close to two decades Alhamdulillah. Our work does not simply entail “lectures” rather we host teachers who have immersed themselves in the Deen and who humbly display every facet of what they teach in their lives.

Why should I attend?
Our lives fly by and we miss the chance to experience meaningful contributions due to busyness, work, and wordly affairs. Why not spend a weekend experiencing how it feels to learn about Islam in the company of our Muslim community. This is an opportunity to feel a strengthened and renewed bond with our own family members, community and our Emaan. Why not feel awakened and ready to establish a greater relationship with Allah (swt) and our deen?

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This Spring 2018, will you rise? 


*Please note, the exact dates will be released shortly*

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