Camp Sunnah Testimonials

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Previous Camp Sunnah attendees loved Camp Sunnah! Here’s what some had to say:

umar“Having attended Camp Sunnah three times, I cannot stress its paramount importance in improving myself. The environment is charged with the eeman and sincerity of the brothers around you. By merely interacting with them and being submerged in the camp’s conducive environment I was able to benefit greatly. On top of this was the brilliant planning behind Camp Sunnah. Not only was our faith strengthened by prayer, combined activity, and motivational lectures, but this was one of the few camps that allowed us such unrestricted access to the sheiyukh. After their inspirational talks and workshops, they were made available to us for unrestricted questioning, and also for us to learn proper Islamic behavior from them. I found this direct learning to be the most lasting part of my experience; and I’ll stress that this type of learning cannot take place anywhere else. Camp Sunnah is an event any serious Muslim must attend!” – Umar Shuaib


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