Camp Sunnah Sponsorship

Camp Sunnah is a unique project designed to gather youth from across Western Canada in order to encourage and promote the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). This year, Camp Sunnah will not only provide a forum for discussion and networking for motivated Islamic workers, but will also include educational lectures from two very knowledgeable and charismatic scholars, focusing on Islamic leadership. Our vision is to empower the next generation to be able to integrate themselves positively in Canadian society while maintaining their Islamic identity. Camp Sunnah is heavily supported by the generous donations of its sponsors. If you would like to assist this initiative, choose one of the options below. A variety of donation options and sponsorship packages are available, and we encourage you to consider sponsoring the camp!


You can donate to Camp Sunnah in any amount you’d like! Especially encouraged for individuals who want to support this project and take advantage of this opportunity for khayr.




If you are a business or an organization, consider one of our sponsorship packages! By sponsoring Camp Sunnah, not only are you supporting this unique Islamic initiative, you also get the opportunity to advertise and increase brand awareness amongst other Muslims. Camp Sunnah sponsors are featured in the following ways:

Special thanks on Website: NYMiNK is quickly becoming a popular online destination for young Muslims, and having your business/company being thanked on the website is sure to get noticed! Not only that, but it also increases your profile online and in search engines.

Eligible sponsors will have their company/organization thanked on a special sponsorship page on the NYMiNK website for 8 months.

Camp Sunnah Folders: Every Camp Sunnah attendee receives course material and information in a folder package, which is extensively used throughout the Camp. The folder is printed on high-gloss, heavy weight material, and is often used after the Camp because of its high-quality.

Eligible sponsors will have their company/organization name prominently printed on the back with contact information.

Camp Sunnah T-Shirts: Every Camp Sunnah attendee is given a T-shirt for them to keep. Not only are the t-shirts worn during the camp, but Camp Sunnah guests also love to wear them afterwards because of their stylish design and quality!

The t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and printed using a high-durability silk-screen process. Note that this is not like printed vinyl t-shirts that are basically stickers ironed onto a shirt. Silk-screening involves bonding a high-quality, resistant ink onto t-shirts, and the result is a shirt that does not fade or deteriorate, especially when compared to ironed-on vinyl shirts.

Eligible sponsors will have their company/organization name prominently displayed on the back.

Sponsorship packages will be available soon!

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