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What is Camp Sunnah?

Camp Sunnah is a unique project by NYM Ink. Combine the fun, revitalizing aspects of camping in the oudoors with the inspiring and learning aspects of spending an afternoon with a scholar, and you get an idea of the Camp Sunnah Experience.

At Camp Sunnah you’ll have the rare opportunity to Camp with fellow Muslims as you learn and talk about relevant contemporary issues facing the Muslim world with our gifted and qualified scholars. Afterwards, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful camp environment as we hike, swim, and horse-ride through Allah (SWT)’s creation!

Who is Camp Sunnah for?

Camp Sunnah is aimed at motivated, energetic Muslims interested in developing leadership skills to better society. We’re looking for Muslims with a positive attitude striving to incorporate Islamic values in their lives. If this sounds like you, make sure you apply!

Camp Sunnah is open to both men and women. Women applying along with their father, brother or husband will be given preference.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of the camp before hand!

How do I go to Camp Sunnah?

It’s simple! To apply to Camp Sunnah all you need to do is fully complete the application form.

Because we get many more people wanting to come to Camp Sunnah than we have capacity for, we have to have an application process. You’ll be notified soon after the application deadline if you’ve been accepted.

To be eligible for the Early Application discount, you must submit your application before May 16th, 2014. The application deadline is 12:00AM (MST), July 4th, 2014. You’ll be notified if you’ve been accepted a few days afterwards, along with an invoice for the camp fees.

When is Camp Sunnah?

Camp Sunnah takes place from August 22nd to August 28th, 2014.

Transportation to Camp Sunnah will be arranged for Camp attendees from the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon. Transportation from Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon will leave the morning of August 22nd, 2014. We’ll be using the same transportation to leave Camp Sunnah and arrive back to those cities on the evening of August 29th, 2014.

Please note that you MUST take the provided transportation to the camp.

How much does Camp Sunnah cost?

The cost of attending Camp Sunnah is $310.00. This highly-subsidized cost includes transportation (from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon), meals from August 22nd to August 28th, Camp Sunnah T-shirt (hijab for sisters), course material and information package, scholar lecture notes, activities and lodging at Camp Sunnah.

Be sure to apply before the Early Application deadline of May 16th, 2014, to receive the Early Application Discount of $35.00.

What can I expect at Camp Sunnah?

Camp Sunnah is an intense physical and spiritual experience – expect to have the time of your life!

A typical day would start at Fajr time, where afterwards we might work on our Tajweed (Quran recitation) or listen to a short talk from one of our scholars. You might catch a short nap after until breakfast time, but you’ll probably end up enraptured with an informal group discussion with a scholar and not notice the time!

After breakfast we’ll have a formal talk by one of our scholars, with the opportunity to directly ask questions. Then it’s time to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. Maybe we’ll go hiking, or maybe we’ll go swimming – there’s lots of things to do in the scenic wilderness!

Then it’s healthy lunch, followed by another informative talk. Next, we’ll go boating or play some football, or maybe even some horseback riding.

After dinner, an evening of interesting and captivating discussions to be capped off with a light snack as we chill with our new friends and have informal discussions with our scholars.

Tentatively, the activities we have scheduled this year are boating/rafting, horseback riding, archery, hiking, swimming, basketball, soccer, and football, with more if they become available.

Can I bring my new iPad? Or my Cellphone?

Cell phones are prohibited from being used at the camp. You can bring cell phones to the camp, but it must be turned into the camp councilor upon arrival to the camp. Phones will be returned upon departure from the camp.

Phone numbers will be provided for relatives to contact you during the camp, and everyone will have the ability to call home/relatives informing them of their safe arrival.

Camera’s, both still and video, are not permitted in the camp. Designated camp leaders will take pictures for camp attendees, and will be made available on the Camp Sunnah online forum. This Forum is private, only accessible by Camp Sunnah attendees.

NYM Ink and Camp Sunnah staff are in no way responsible or liable for any items you bring to the camp. This includes items that are lost, damaged or stolen. Please do not bring anything expensive or of value to the camp.

Is there any way I can support Camp Sunnah?

There sure is! There’s options for donating to Camp Sunnah in any amount you wish, or, if you’re a business, there are sponsorship opportunities available.

More information can be found on the Sponsorship/Donation page.

Any additional questions or concerns can be addressed to

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