NYM Membership

Become an NYM Member!

Have you benefited from NYM events and programming? Do you enjoy participating at NYM events and would like to see more in your community? Are you curious about how you can get more involved and support the betterment of our community? If you believe in NYM’s vision and goals for our Ummah, then we have the perfect opportunity for you.

The best way to stay connected with NYM and our projects is by joining the NYM Membership Program. By signing up for a yearly membership, you can support the organization and its aims throughout the year.

How much does it cost?

You can become an NYM Member for as little as $20/month, which is $240 for the whole year. 365 days of supporting the da’wah!

What comes with membership?

• Continuous connection to NYM Projects and Events

• Exclusive invitation to apply for the NYM ‘Ilm Circle and, if accepted, a special discounted members-only rate.

• Exclusive access to member-only ‘ilm sessions, recorded footage, and much more!

• Our perks are always evolving!

What is the money going towards?

Every cent of your dollar goes towards the development and execution of da’wah and outreach programs for the Muslims in your community. This includes projects like the Generation Muslim Conference, Camp Sunnah, Muslim Minds, Imancipation Project Sisters-Exclusive projects, United Islam Awareness Week, and m ore! All contributions are Sadaqa Jariya!

How do I become an NYM Member?

• Contact us at membership@nymink.com

• You’ll then be sent a Membership form to complete, and that’s it – you’re set!


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