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The Dangers of Dawah

Mufti Uthman ibn Farooq | Season 2 [Ep 53] 2/2

Welcome back to part 2 with Dr. Syed and Sh. Uthman ibn Farooq.

In the second part of our session, both speakers go in depth into the guidelines for successful Dawah and how to seek ‘ilm properly.

The discuss the dangers and pitfalls of the Dawah and how to be sincere, how to make your message powerful and impactful and importance of understanding the sacred responsibility given to us.

Table of Contents:

0:00 – Episode Previews
1:37 – Impact from the online Dawah
4:09 – Characteristics of true people of knowledge.
6:11 – Don’t get distracted by people who want to waste time.
9:08 – The Money Issue: Don’t do things for financial motivation.
12:04 – Evolution of the Dawah.
15:29 – Following the path of the true carries of ‘ilm.
18:31 – Don’t let the Dawah become a form of entertainment.
22:55 – Q: How do we balance treating our scholars well without letting it become a fitnah for our community?
27:45 – How to properly support our Shyukh.
32:09 – Appreciate the gems of our Ummah.
36:11 – How to keep a clear message when giving Dawah.
40:28 – Sh. Uthman’s closing naseeha (advice) for aspiring duat.
45:07 – Final remarks

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