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Seeking Knowledge, A Road Less Travelled

Mufti Uthman ibn Farooq | Season 2 [Ep 53] 1/2

Welcome to the new Life Haqq Studio in Season 2! Dr. Syed is joined by special guest, Sh. Uthman ibn Farooq.

They discuss bringing back principle based Dawah, Sh. Uthman’s past and guidance to Islam, the path to sincerely seeking knowledge, dealing with people who want to debate Islam and more!

Table of Contents:

0:00 – Episode previews
1:20 – Season 2 and Guest Intro
2:53 – Homeschooling and Dawah with One Message Foundation
7:29 – Growing up in the hood, Sh. Uthman was a gang member
12:24 – Brushes with death, guidance to Islam
17:42 – Leaving a gang: “blood in, blood out”
22:02 – How to have a proper commitment to Dawah
24:46 – Path to knowledge, seeking ‘ilm
27:25 – Key lessons when seeking knowledge
29:28 – Sh. Uthman’s advice for true seekers of knowledge
31:32 – Blessings of being self-funded in your path to knowledge
34:51 – Having a powerful purpose and the strength of belief
37:31 – Whose message is more sincere?
43:31 – Dealing with envy, accusations and being labelled

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