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From Boys to Men

Sh. Abu Taubah | LifeHaqq Podcast | Season 2 [Ep 51] 1/2

Sh. Abu Taubah joins Dr. Syed to lead a panel discussion with MSA brothers on “Identifying Muslim Men”.

They address the Sunnah understanding on men and their role in society, the virtues a man should uphold, what steps are needed to transition from boyhood to manhood and much more!

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Episode Trailer
1:49 – Panel Introduction
4:23 – Traits of a Muslim Man
7:40 – The 4 virtues of being a man
14:00 – What is the state of men today?
19:00 – Lack of maturity found in young men today
26:04 – Steps needed to raise true men

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