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Calling Out Inconsistency

Ustadh Abdullah Andalusi | LifeHaqq Podcast | Season 2 [Ep 52] 1/2

Renowned debater and defender of Islam, Ustadh Abdullah Andalusi shares his observations and experiences in giving Dawah while living in the West.

He joins Dr. Syed to discuss the conversations Muslims need to be having internally and externally, the importance of calling out inconsistency in Western ideologies and how to gain confidence in defending the Islamic tradition.

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Episode previews
1:26 – Topic Introduction
3:02 – Are we having the right conversations?
9:45 – The cost of adopting left wing rhetoric
14:01 – Muslims need to call out inconsistency
18:42 – Why are Muslims hesitant to speak out?
21:37 – How to properly represent Islam

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