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Are We Having The Right Debate?

Ustadh Abdullah Andalusi | LifeHaqq Podcast | Season 2 [Ep 52] 2/2

Welcome back to Part 2 with Ustadh Abdullah Andalusi and Dr. Syed discussing “Having the Right Debate.”

They discussion continues to understanding the inherent problems of the West, addressing the most pressing concerns to Muslims and more!

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Episode previews
1:49 – Example of defending the Islamic perspective
4:17 – Nationalism = Racism?
7:29 – The real conversations to be had
10:22 – Reframe our perspective on the end times
17:19 – Muslims focus on individuals instead of learning the systems
20:21 – Voting = Consent of the Law
25:38 – Officials are elected to “think” for you, not represent
28:20 – Final thoughts on thinking critically/understanding your responsibility

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