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African Islamic Revivers: Changing Our Perspective

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick | LifeHaqq Podcast Season 2 [Ep 49] 1/2

Dr. Syed was joined by Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick at the 2021 Canadian Dawah Conference to discuss “African Brilliance For A Troubled World”.

They discussed the rich history of Africa and their legacy of Islamic revival. They covered the perspective of these historical giants in the Ummah and the many lessons and motivations we can take from them to implement in our communities today!

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Episode Preview
1:15 – Topic & Guest Intro: Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick on the Lost Legacy of African Islamic Revivers
2:37 – Q: Why are many people unaware of the legacy of the great Islamic revivers from Africa?
3:49 – The Christopher Columbus Fallacy and Cognitive Dissonance
5:55 – Reality of Africa as and integral part of Islam and human history
9:05 – Q: What are the common challenges we are facing here in North America that are in parallel of those who revived the deen in Africa?
9:51 – Living in the shadow of White Supremacy and Eurocentrism. Ex. Where would people say mathematics came from? Greece or Egypt?
13:00 – Muslims trying to revive Islam face not only White Supremacy, but tribal divisions based on culture.
16:00 – White Supremacy and Tribalism. How did African revivers overcome this?
17:35 – Spread of Islam through North Africa and to the Atlantic
19:43 – Murrabitoon Empire and the great examples of Abdullahi ibn Yasin, Abu Bakr ibn Umar, Yusuf ibn Tashfeen
23:54 –Takrur: Uncompromising Empire of Islam & Scholarship
26:10 – Rise of Mali, Songhai, Bornu
28:00 – The Great Scholar: Sh. Uthman Dan Fodio and his example

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