Awakening Muslimah voices, uniting the ummah of our time – Millennial Muslimahs

This past summer we announced the launch of NYM INK’s very first sisters’ podcast, Millennial Muslimahs, with a special Ramadan episode. Now we’re back with a very topical episode two!

In the wake of regular headlines featuring horrendous acts of Islamophobia, how is a Muslimah to feel? Tune into episode 2 of our podcast, where we discuss several pertinent issues affecting Muslims today.

Keep listening to the end, as we hope you leave *walking* away with a bit of hope! 

This NYM sisters’ initiative strives to unite our community of sisters from across North America by discussing topics that matter to individuals from all walks of life. We hope to reach out to every single one of you, whether it’s through a critical discussion on current events, a deep reflection on topics that give you the feels, tips and tricks on how to be more productive in life, or whether it’s through increasing our Islamic knowledge together. And there’s a sweet bonus: the NYM Millennial Muslimahs will also regularly invite guest speakers on the podcast to share pearls of wisdom with us, to teach us, to inspire us or to simply join us for discussions on unique topics!

What are you waiting for? Just click, listen, and benefit!

JazakumAllah khair in advance for listening to Millennial Muslimahs, an NYM sisters initiative: “Awakening Muslimah voices, uniting the ummah of our time.”

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