Generation Muslim 7.0

The Generation Muslim Conference is the manifestation of a vision to promote the Muslim identity in Muslims living in North America, empowering families to connect with their Deen together and inspiring our community with a mere glimpse of what we can achieve together.

The first Generation Muslim Conference took off in Edmonton back in 2009, and in 2010, the Generation Muslim Conference arrived in Saskatoon and Vancouver. A unique feature of GenM is that many of the attendees are individuals who may not regularly attend Islamic events, and yet they walk away feeling inspired and motivated. As NYMiNK’s endeavors continue to bloom, GenM reaches new heights year after year, magnifying its impact on volunteers, conference participants, and the wider community.

This conference is not just for youth, a casual hang-out or a temporary iman boost, but a vehicle of change for the entire family! GenM is not simply “lectures,” through world-renowned teachers who have immersed themselves in the deen to display every facet of what they teach in their lives, to unique presentations and community-created displays, we use a variety of methods to educate and inspire attendees to become a strong pillar of Islam in our society.

Witness lectures, presentations, exclusive video documentaries that will truly shape an Emaan boosting experience for the whole family!

The GenM Experience Features:

  • Inspiring lectures by our roster of respected speakers.
  • Powerful video documentaries produced in-house from our Studio exclusively for GenM.
  • NYM Café snack stalls serving baked goods, gourmet items and cafe treats including delicious cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and specialty drinks!
  • NYM Bazaar: High quality merchandise and Islamic Apparel store featuring Abayas, hijabs, Hoodies Itr/Musk accessories and more!
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