Spend Your Best 10 With NYM – Reason 2

Reason #2

Support NYM to continue to address the inferiority complexes and knowledge deficiencies that allow Islamophobia to remain unchecked.
NYM continues to develop courses and initiatives that positively impact societal opinion and its understanding of the truth of Islam through humanizing efforts and partnerships with organizations like the United Islam Awareness week (learn more at www.unitediaw.com)
Lacking operational management skills and principled approaches to advocacy leads to the dehumanizing and misunderstandings that lead to overt and systemic Islamophobia.
NYM addresses these issues with its collaborating organizations like Canadian Muslim Chaplaincy Organization [CMCO] (www.cmco.ca) and the Life Haqq Podcast (https://youtube.com/c/DrSyed). Prepare today’s and tomorrow’s generation with the practical skillsets to overcome Islamophobia and revive Islam in the West.
Contribute at the link below and follow us for more information. http://www.nym.ink/campaigns/the-best-10-with-nym/

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