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Are you amongst the few?

No matter what field or area you look at, there are only an elite few who achieve success and come out on top over everyone else. Are they the ones that follow the crowd? What gives Muslims the ability to achieve success in their life?

Dr. Syed ibn Iqbal joins us for our 11th year of the widely popular Shades of Glory campus halaqa at the University of Alberta. This semester we are learning lessons from the stories of the Prophets (as) and how they overcame their struggles and challenges.

This halaqa series has been a fixture at the U of A campus for over a decade and has impacted a lot of Muslim youth who are seeking to increase in their knowledge of the deen and Islam. It encourages a strong sense of identity as Muslims and practical advice to use both on and off campus.

Shades offers a unique opportunity for university students to learn their history and the approaches to life’s issues through the lense of the Salaf. The pious predecessors has the clearest and best approach to this dunya and how we can not only fulfill our obligations in our deen but to excel when faced with the challenges of the world around us.

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