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Are Muslims stress free?

Mental Health is one of the biggest problem facing the Muslim community in North America. How can we equip ourselves to deal with stress in the best way using the core principles in Islam?

The most severely tested are the Prophets and Messengers, what were the mechanisms that they used to handle the stressful situations that they went through?

We can learn some these lessons by looking at the story of Prophet Younes (as) and from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saws).

Muslim Minds is a unique lectures series designed to support local Muslim communities confront the growing ideological and intellectual challenges facing Canadian Muslims. The Lecture series features discussions on Muslim Psychology and Perspectives. Since 2017, the Muslim Minds series has supported local communities across Canada including the Greater Vancouver area, Calgary, Edmonton and the GTA. Muslim Minds aims to develop strong and confident Muslim youth, young adults, and future community leaders.


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