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One Ummah, One Love – Calgary, July 16th

So what’s happening on Friday, July 16th???

A FREE summer event!

Come to an evening program and lecture to inspire HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS and UNITY in the COMMUNITY.

Listen and converse with inspiring speakers. Ask your long awaited questions or pose ideas about how the Muslim community can regenerate and progress…

DATE: Friday, July 16, 2010 (Juma evening)
TIME: 6:30 PM (ASR) to 11:30 PM (ISHA)
COST: FREE! Refreshments too!
VENUE: SW Masjid – 5615 14 Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta

Scholar Biographies

Sh. Islam Ali | Guyana, Caribbean Islands, South America

Sheikh Islam Ali has been active in Islamic work for approximately 30 years. During the course of his dawah work, he has placed great emphasis on educating Muslim youth and is keen on their achievements in the field of dawah. Prior to coming to Canada, Sheikh Islam was a part of the Islamic revival movement in the Caribbean and South America. With much of his work in Guyana, he held the position of ameer in the county of Berbice for seven years and served as an Imam for two mosques for seven years in addition. During his educational ventures, he has studied under various scholars from the Islamic University of Madina, in addition to scholars from the Alimiya Institute in Pakistan. He has studied the science of tajweed with Sheikh Saeed Gharsuddeen of Egypt.

Dr. Iqbal Nadvi | Toronto, ON

Dr. Iqbal Nadvi is one of the few Muslim scholars in Canada authorized to deliver an Islamic legal ruling (fatwa). He’s currently the Imam of Al-Falah Islamic Centre in Oakville, Ontario and is among the leadership of ICNA Canada. Previously, he was an Imam in Calgary, Alberta. He holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Shariah (law), with specialization in jurisprudence (Fiqh) and taught in King Saud University for 6 years, dealing with subjects such as principles of jurisprudence (Usool Al-Fiqh), Islamic Culture, Islamic Political Thought, Islamic movements and Fiqh of Organization. He has memorized the Qur’an and was the recipient of a recommendation letter signed by the well-known scholar, Sheikh Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz (rahimullah).

Sh. Mohammed Yaffa | Halifax / Sierra Leone, Africa

Sheikh Mohammad Khalil Yaffa is the Imam and Khatib at the Centre for Islamic Development, a Dawah and educational centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He also acts as the Arabic and Islamic Studies curricullum developer at the Ihasan Educational Centre in Halifax. Some of his duties include organizing communty events, retreats and workshops, as well as providing leadership training and education for youths and organizations.

Sh. Yaffa has an M.A. in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies and currently works as the Coordinator of Diversity and Social Equity Initiative for the Capital District Health Authority in Nova Scotia.

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