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Less than a week to CS

SubhanAllah we are less than a week away from Camp Sunnah that will inshaAllah transform attendees lives! For all of our first time campers, you might be feeling a combination of curiosity, a bit of nervousness, and hopefully lots of hope and excitement inshaAllah. Camp Sunnah is full of countless opportunities:

  • the opportunity to experience a refreshing new environment where you can learn and grow exponentially,
  • an opportunity to meet and develop life long bonds with new brothers and sisters,
  • the opportunity to discover the best version of yourself and unlock your hidden potential,
  • and so much more.

Our sincere advice is to stop, take a deep breath, and take some time to reflect deeply on what you hope to get out of this journey and think about the steps you will take to get the most out of this experience. I encourage you to begin with a clear intention to please Allah (swt) and to make it your personal goal to use this as an opportunity to make some positive changes and to learn new, beneficial things that you can implement right away.

As well, to those that are unable to attend Camp Sunnah with us this year we look forward to seeing next year at this incredible camp. Also, as we’ll be away for the week their won’t be any updates on the website till our return, but we prepared for a flood of activity inshaAllah.

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