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Camp Sunnah 2017

The Camp that united Western Canadian Muslims, providing inspiration and empowerment, is coming back for its 12th consecutive year, alhamdulillah. Camp Sunnah is a unique project by NYM designed to gather youth from across Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, in order to encourage and promote the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sala Allah ‘alyhi wa salam).

Spend five days in the company of your brothers and sisters soaking in ‘ilm from a phenomenal panel of speakers and embodying the Sunnah of Rasulullah sala Allah ‘alyhi wa salam through activities like horseback riding, boating, archery and so much more! The days of Camp Sunnah are filled with dhikr – days beginning after fajr with lectures from beloved shuyookh and practical application of the sunnah in every activity. The rush of Iman swoops in from the first day and carries you through to the very end, building relationships and habits that can reignite your relationship with your Lord.

The entire essence of the camp is built with the message of the Prophet (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) in every aspect. All attendees stand as brothers and sisters to one another under the umbrella of Islam, and each attendee strives to infuse the Sunnah in every aspect of their life and avoid Shaytaan’s misdirection from the path of righteousness.

Our goal at Camp Sunnah is to develop leaders inspired by the sunnah — to continue to be carriers of light for this generation and those to come.

It’s very hard to try and put into words what the Camp Sunnah experience is but below are a few testimonials from past attendees:

“Subhan’Allah. The only word to truly sum up Camp Sunnah. Often when we find ourselves speechless or in awe, we say Sunhan’Allah and that is what this camp revokes. It arises such a feeling of awe that in every moment you will find yourself in a constant state of reflection as you spend these few days living the way Prophet SAW did. Alhumdulillah I was able to reflect in a way that transformed me. Little did I know that I would walk out of this camp wearing hijab, something I had not planned to do for quite some time.  However, Allah SWT had a different plan for me. Amidst the beautiful, calming nature and in the company of the fellow brothers and sisters, I can assure you that you will have an unforgettable experience, just as I did.

“The minute you step into that bus, van, or car, the detachment from the dunya begins and the focus becomes brother/sisterhood, remembering Allah (swt), and following the Sunnah in every way. Free yourself from the shackles of this world to earn the pleasures and treasures of the next!”

I also highly recommend reading this brother’s impact statement of what Camp Sunnah was to him.  My First Camp Sunnah

Applications for Camp Sunnah 2017 will be opening on April 7 inshaAllah so make sure to apply at and join us for this transformative life experience and apply.

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