Al Tawwabun ‘Ilm Circle Team

Team captain: Taariq Kudoos
Raising funds for: The Best 10 With NYM!
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As NYM members who benefit regularly from the education and involvement that comes along with being an ‘ilm circle member, Team Al-Tawwabun hopes to embody the characteristics and qualities of the students of knowledge by being the most concerned with implementing the knowledge learned in our classes.

We recognize that as students of knowledge we are the ones who have the greatest responsibility to support and develop ourselves, our families and the Ummah. We understand that we need to have a vision for the future of the Muslim community and to put in the time and effort to achieve that vision.

Through this campaign we hope to take advantage of the blessed rewards of these most blessed days of Dhul Hijjah through deeds like financially supporting the efforts of NYM and working towards many more years of Islamic outreach and community development.

Team Members

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