Why I keep volunteering at GenM?

Generation Muslim is a conference focused on the issues young Muslims face on a daily basis. It is an event designed by the youth, for the youth. The conference is an opportunity to pragmatically explore living in a Western society that is often at odds with religion. Generation Muslim has been hosted in several cities across Western Canada for many years, including Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver. It is truly a unique experience, a conference the likes of which I have rarely seen. Bazaars, delicious food booths, exclusive Islamic themed clothing and Early-Bird prizes are just a small part of the conference experience. Living in Edmonton, I have been very fortunate and blessed for being able to attend several GenM conferences in this city. I recall the very first GenM conference to be hosted in Edmonton was in 2008. At that time, I had a deep interest and drive to volunteer for any Islamic initiative, as there was a general shortage of Islamic activities and opportunities occurring in town. GenM was an excellent opportunity for me to begin my journey of participating in Islamic events with the goal of spreading the khair and helping those around me.

There are too many aspects of GenM to list out which make it one of the highlights of my past years. One of the best experiences at GenM conference is getting together with a group of driven and enthusiastic brothers and sisters with the common goal of spreading knowledge and engaging families in a beautiful Islamic environment. Throughout all of the challenges and difficulties that come with organizing such a large event, it is the strong brotherhood and sisterhood that makes it all worth it.

Secondly, being able sit in a conference room with world-renowned scholars and reap lessons from them is an experience I would not be able to encounter elsewhere in my life. It is one thing to listen to scholars on a YouTube video, and it is a completely different feeling to be able to watch and listen to them firsthand, ask questions and engage with them in a conversation.

Finally, the impact that GenM has on an attendee at the end of the day is an experience I yearn for again and again. Witnessing families leaving the conference room with an excited and driven attitude towards bettering themselves and the ummah only motivates me to continue to pursue work for the sake of Allah.

Generation Muslim aims to bring a sense of unity to the ummah, with practical steps that we can all take towards achieving this goal. GenM has inspired many youth to have a vision towards their communities, a vision of strength, unity and love for the sake of Allah.

– Br. Aiman Zeineddine


This post is part of series to provide insight into NYM events and the impact they’ve had on attendees and volunteers.


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