What effect does your presence have?

The Islam of Omar bin al Khattab and Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib had a fundamental effect on the Muslims. Before they would be very secretive and keep their Islam hidden from public scrutiny. After the Islam of these two individuals, the Muslims had the confidence and the courage to go pray in the heart of idol worship- at the ka’aba. It was surrounded by 360-odd idols yet they had the ability to go and pray publicly. The Muslims in Abyssinia heard this and this is what caused them to come back.

Ibn Masood (ra) said, “Omar’s Islam was a conquest, his immigration was a victory and his caliphate was a mercy.”

Look at the presence alone of two people and the effect it had on the psyche, self-confidence, self-esteem and ability of their community. Certain times someone’s presence can cause tension or negativity, but other times there are individuals whose presence causes other people to be courageous and be confident.

Great people have the ability where their presence alone has an effect. The effect of your presence is dependent on the person that you naturally are. You can watch your behaviour and act in a certain way in certain settings. But when you really internalize Islam correctly then it is naturally part of you to have the correct perspective, forbid evil and enjoin good.

Omar (ra) and Hamza (ra) had physical strength, but what gave them legendary strength was that they did everything for the sake of Allah (swt).

It is not physical strength that gives someone courage and ability- it is the heart of a lion inside the person. This attitude gives other people confidence.

Ask yourself- what effect does your presence alone have?

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