We Need to make a Greater Effort!


It is important to make a significant effort to engage in the knowledge of the deen with the world around us.

Many of us take courses in school, going through different textbooks, and in them they describe how certain mechanisms work in relation to the world around us. We study these things and try to obtain a certain grade or objective. We don’t, however, spend even a fraction of that time reading and knowing what the Creator said about these things.

Many of these things that we learn in classrooms are mentioned by Allah (swt) in the Qur’an.

When we go through all these different ayat, there is a different way we are connecting with the rest of the creation and more importantly, with Allah (swt). We study these mentioned subjects a lot: astronomy, biology, nature, chemistry, psychology etc. When we don’t have a strong connection in regards to learning about the creation through the Creator, we give more importance to and deify to a certain degree the people that are teaching this knowledge rather than the Creator of this knowledge in the first place. We often study these on a secular and superficial level. Yet, nowhere in science does it tell us why, Allah (swt) tells us the why.


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