Walking While Muslim

By Ayan A.

As Muslim women we didn’t ask for our identities to be politicized. We go about our day to day with a symbol of devotion to Allah (swt) clear in our appearance and demeanor.

Not a word of hate or harm crosses our lips yet bearing the burden of others is a cross we are forced to bear. Allah (swt) tells us that the ills of one soul do not bear weight on others, how dare the creation try to condemn us for the evils of another?

So long as we walk this earth we pray to continue to be beacons of Islam. To walk this earth with humility of Allah (swt) and fear of no other.

Rhetoric of hate and shame is not enough to bow our spines to the creation, and we will continue on Sirat al Mustaqim. We only bend in front of the Lord of all that exists and it is He that has given us value to freely express who we are and what we believe.

Shaming us for being ourselves won’t scare us away, we’re proud of who we are and what we preach and senseless hate is another irksome fly we’re prepared to swat away.


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