Utilizing our Strengths

Most of us work within some type of team, whether it’s your job, your school, or serving your community and dawah work.

The best model for teamwork, different skill sets and resources is the Sahaba (ra) under the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad (saws). You always see them in action. You see them moreso than other Prophets who did things alone without the help of other people.

If you work together on a larger scale, then you can’t be dragging each other back. Some people may only do things if they are assigned. When things are assigned to them, they will do the minimal- they are just dead weight. Other members may complete things efficiently, on time and in the best of manners. If you do the minimal, that is the condition of your heart and character.

If Allah (swt) has given you a strength or skill and you don’t utilize it in a team, then you are taking away one of the benefits and blessings we can have when working in a team. Many times, people utilize their strengths in a professional setting as there is a material reward or fear of demotion. In a professional, secular environment, you utilize your strength for the dunya and not necessarily always for the sake of Allah (swt).

Question is: Do YOU utilize your strengths for the sake of Allah (swt)?

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