Tips for Muslim High school Students


It’s in our nature to get defensive and angry right away when we hear these kind of things. However, we shouldn’t just be getting mad, we should takes these situations as an opportunity to gain ajr. We should take this an opportunity to give Dawah and educate others about Islam and the hijab.

Below are some practical tips that can help you – the Muslim high school student – change these situations from negative to positive experiences:

  1. Make sure your intention is in the right place – To please Allah (SWT), fulfill the commandment of giving Dawah. Your goal should not be catered to what they want to hear.
  2. Do not respond in a defensive manner – Stay calm and carry yourself with humility and respect.
  3. Be prepared for situations like this to arise – know how to respond, be confident and be willing to answer
  4. Use these situations as an opportunity for da’wah and to educated those around you about Islam.
  5. Use this as an opportunity to bring Islam (religious studies) into the education system – start a club or maybe ask your teacher to include this subject in your class discussion.
  6. It is important to inform your teachers and the administration at large when people make these types of Islamophobic comments. This will make it clear that these comments are unacceptable and fall under the umbrella of bullying, which will inshaAllah help students in the future.

With this, we hope that instead of wasting time and energy on being angry or frustrated, that you take advantage of this blessed opportunity to please your Creator and stand strong as a Muslimah proud of her religion in the face of adversity!

* These are real things said to the sisters who wrote this post

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