Thoughts on a Revolution

The conflict in northern Africa has gripped much of the world as country after country reject the status quo. NYM contributor Ahmed shares his thoughts in the following poem.

For decades the Muslim nations have been under rule,

By ruthless dictators who are nothing but cruel,

Spreading injustice, fear, violence, and corruption,

Because wealth and power had become their addiction.

They claim to be with our friends and families,

But you see them shaking the hands of our enemies,

Secretly telling those killing our sisters and brothers,

“Let us stay in power and do what you want with the others”.

It started with the ouster of Ben Ali,

Who saw the power of the people and decided to flee,

Followed shortly by a criminal who ruled for 30 years,

Driven out by the brave Egyptians who overcame their fears.

And now Gaddafi is using all of his resources,

Firing bullets indesciminately at opposition forces,

Thinking his arrogance will earn him an ultimate victory,

But in reality he has lost all of his dignity.

While events unfold the media implements its strategy,

To put down Islam in the name of ‘democracy’,

Saying Islamic extremists want to take over these nations,

And turn them into their ‘terrorist stations’.

Sadly many Muslims still do not understand,

The way of the Prophet (saw) is the best way to rule the land,

And to establish a strong and successful society,

Based on peace, freedom, justice, and equality.


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