When Faith Meets Hope

The beauty of this world oft transcends the human mind, in our fickleness and lack of appreciation. We gaze at sunrises uttering words of grace and praise to the Almighty before moving on with our daily motions-—our ‘functional’ selves. We allow ourselves to be moved by brilliance and beauty, documenting breathtaking sights and experiences as leisure-—or can end up celebrating ourselves for our perceived appreciation and love for nature and His creation. We ponder on verses in His Holy Book, verses on nature and His Might, verses which capture the essence of beauty in His creation. We think. Yet, our mind limits itself to what we see and what we’re used to.

We deem things we’re not used to as ‘unnatural’ and take heed from anyone who offers unconventional alternatives. We may refuse to accept the possibility of two contrasting elements working together beautifully, not realizing the miracle of Allāh’s creation. We wax lyrical and speak at length, yet in it, we only see beauty. Doesn’t He ﷻ merge shades of orange and pink, blue, white and green altogether to paint us the most mesmerizing sunrise? Doesn’t He illustrate every single shade of colour in His sky, every single day, for us to witness and ponder? Doesn’t He join warmth and breeze, rain and sun? Every day He exhibits the most radical contrasts for us to witness and learn. He ﷻ teaches us the essence of life, and to appreciate it for what it is-—a constant stream of events and change; contrasts and beautiful results, and some not so beautiful. But after dark there’s light, and after rain there’s shine, and when sun and rain come together creating a magnificent exhibition of brilliant colours in the sky, that’s His illustration of:


Yet exhausted after a few trials, we often whine and resist the inevitability of ease till the bitter end. Verses such as these from His Book should at once give birth to hope in the veld of our hearts. He gives us exactly what our souls need to return to the Divine Presence with hearts purified-—and as awful as it sounds, sometimes, that ‘something’ is a trial to draw us closer to Him. So the next time you undergo a hardship and run low on hope, unable to see the array of colors in the sky for what they represent, ask yourself these questions:

Was it not hope that fueled Prophet Mūsa to stand tall and proud against the biggest superpower of his time? Was it not faith that inspired Prophet Ibrāhim to not flinch when he was thrown into the fire? Was it not hope that made Hajr run back and forth, back and forth, desperately in search of water in a desert? Was it not faith that drove our beloved Muhammad ﷺ to live from one challenge to another with a smile on his face? Interchange ‘hope’ with ‘faith’ and the gems of these stories will still shine the same way. The examples from our rich history are endless-—it is up to us to enrich our poor souls with it.

The sun will rise again and He who paints the sky in different shades can bring light back into your life too; believe this. Through trials Allāh teaches us that life isn’t meant to be stable. He teaches us that life’s imperfections are what beauty is about. He teaches us the fluidity of this life, and that even in the most perfect structures, there will be unexpected storm, thunder and rain. He teaches us that life isn’t about planning, but about spontaneity and faith. That life doesn’t have a structure it abides by. It’s organic; believe this too.

But if you absolutely cannot avoid breaking when trials hail upon you, then let it be at the doors of Ar-Raḥmān because in that is our salvation. That is where hearts are awashed in hope and the treasures of this world are stored.

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