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The truth is…scary

Truth can be simple, concise, a mere word- but it is always heavy.

Speaking words of truth can mean that everything you are and everything you have is on the line.

The Prophet (saws) lost his family, his friends, and was forced to leave behind the city he loved with all his heart because he chose to speak the truth.

He endured physical trauma, emotional trauma and forever broken bonds because he would not let anything on earth silence him.

Today the truth can mean that you will be hunted, that you could lose your job, your status, it may mean that no one will believe you- your reputation could be on the line. The side that wants to silence you may hold all the perceived power in the world, they may be at the top of the food chain.

But who is the Highest of all? Allah (swt), the Only One with true Power.

As Muslims- we are required to be liberal with our truths, to have tongues unfamiliar with the thorns and sharp edges of lies and silence when we should be speaking out.

The truth is scary, but staying silent means we have caved to those other than Allah (swt), that we have given up that power to someone who is unworthy and is nothing but a speck in front of Allah (swt).

Always speak the truth and hold fast to your iman- Muslims are people of honesty and trustworthiness and we are ready to weather any storm if it means that our slate is clean with the Lord.

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