The Role of a Mother

This series is written by one of our NYM iNK Sisters who is a mother of one young child, with another on the way. From one Imancipated mother to another….

The role of a woman in Islam is one that holds a dignified and tremendous stature. Each society projects an image of different types of socially acceptable female figures and what they bring to each of their families. One of the major reflections of the status of a woman in Islam is that of a mother.

In a famous hadith, it was narrated from Mu’awiyah bin Jahimah As-Sulami, that Jahimah came to the Prophet (SAW) and said:

“O Messenger of Allah! I want to go out and fight (in Jihad) and I have come to ask your advice.” Rasul (SAW) said: “Do you have a mother?” Jahimah said: “Yes.” Rasul (SAW) said: “Then stay with her, for Paradise is beneath her feet. [Sunan An-Nasai; Classed Sahih]

Many women often feel they are restricted from achieving great rewards in this life and the next when they become a mother. However, a woman is a warrior from the time she becomes pregnant to the time she goes into labour to the long, often underappreciated commitment of breastfeeding to raising that young child into a strong Muslim.

Meaning that a Muslim woman is gifted such a beautiful and selfless opportunity. A mother has the makings of a Martyr. The reason? Not so simple sisters. The nine months of pregnancy does not prepare you for motherhood, nor does the anticipated childbirth. As a mother, you are carefully aligning and planting the seeds into this dunya and providing each of those with lessons that are to last a lifetime. The fruits of nourishment and kindness should illuminate your children so they grow up to be righteous members of the ummah.

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