The Bank Accounts of Life

We need to take care of our personal lives and be self-critical. Are you eating properly, exercising properly, spending time learning the deen on a private basis, spending time with family, sleeping properly?

You have to ask yourself: are you a giver or a taker?
If you live with your parents do you just take? If you’re a spouse do you just take?

When you leave do people miss you and make dua for your return because of the positive impact you have?

How many hours did you put into dawah and Islamic work yesterday? How many hours did you put in today? How many are you planning to put in tomorrow?

Think of the different areas of life being like accounts:

  • Did you fill your dawah account today?
  • Did you fill your family account today?

If any of these accounts are left deficient, then it will affect all of them.

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