Let’s talk about stress. A woman was left in a blazing desert with her infant child completely vulnerable and no water, food, or people.

Imagine the first dua that you make for them is “Oh Allah, establish for them salah.”

Imagine that the biggest stress reliever is salah.

This is Hajar (as) and the dua of Ibrahim (as)
The first advice Luqman gives his son is “Oh my son, establish Salah.”

Salah = a life saver, our connection to Allah (swt)
Understanding the power of that would give everyone a clear understanding of how functional it is in de-stressing us and allows us to relieve the stress, not just distract you from it
Who can change our affairs but Allah?

Allah (swt) is the One who can change your circumstances, influence our reality and change what we are going through.

The best place we can go to de-stress is to Allah (swt), but our hearts need to be connected and we need to already have a relationship.

Things like exercise are good but they aren’t the best. The best thing to do to calm down and de-stress is to connect back with the Ultimate Comforter, the only One who can bestow His Mercy upon you.

The reason we exist, can hear and feel – all these senses are to worship Allah (swt). At the end of the day, always remember this and ask what your purpose in life is: to worship Allah (swt).
All the tasks you do have to manifest that.

The stress you go through in that process is a test for you, not only on yaum al qiyama, but to know why you do what you do.

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