Our Time

If we think it’s hard to find time now to worship Allah, how will we handle it later in life when things keep on getting busier?

With work, school, families and other responsibilities, we all can be busy at a certain time in our life. What we need to remember is that we should be using our time wisely. When you get home from work or school, do you go straight away and lie down and relax or do you use that time to gain ilm, read Quran or perform other forms of worship?

We need to utilize the time we have available to us to do as many good deeds as possible because before we know it, the time will have passed. Likewise, today we see forest fires all over and hurricanes destroying cities. We should be grateful for all that Allah(swt) has given us because at any moment, these resources that we take for granted can be taken away.

As you get older, there will inevitably be more responsibility placed upon you which will result in you having less free-time. If we invest our time for the sake of Allah (SWT), He will place barakah in our time as he is the one in control of time.

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