NYM iNK visits the MCC Youth Conference

The display spanning two tables was a spectacle to be seen: the aesthetically pleasing 32 inches of HD screening and base booming sound brought the Camp Sunnah 2010 trailer to the people – presentation is everything – and exceeding expectations in order to meet objectives is exactly what transpired at the NYM booth this May long weekend.

This year, NYM Calgary teamed up with NYM Saskatoon to present to over one thousand youth its annual activities with a special focus on Camp Sunnah. These excited youth were gathering to meet Br. Mutah, a former member of 2pac’s OUTLAWZ. The organizer decided to host numerous local Muslim organizations in a resource fair for Muslim youth to encourage youth involvement and awareness of what the various Islamic organizations had to offer.

Both the event and NYM booth were a success, in that many new Muslim youth and Camp Sunnah candidates were enthusiastic about the upcoming 2010 Camp Sunnah.

The NYM ink booth left a positive first impression with many at this year’s MCC Youth Conference, but it was the conversations had by the brothers of NYM iNK Calgary with the youth that were the real gems and jewels of this May long weekend event. The discussions at the booth seemed to inspire eagerness and excitement in the hearts and minds of the attendees as they poured through gym doors of the Akraam Jomaa Islamic Centre. The NYM Volunteers witnessed many teens, young adults, and even parents who were curious to find out more about who NYM iNK is, what they are all about, and what they have to offer. The message at the booth was simple: NYM iNK aims to empower the youth firstly with confidence and sense of pride in their Islamic identity in order for them to build and benefit both our Muslim communities as well as the greater North American community.

All attendees, through dialogue and display, were able to catch a glimpse of the different NYM initiatives, such as Marriage workshops, professional dawah workshops and Camp Sunnah – all of which are part of the NYM iNK holistic approach. The youth were beginning to see the multi-faceted nature of NYM organization including the sisters. NYM iNK has made a point to ensure that our sisters are not forgotten, a phenomenon that unfortunately happens far too often, leaving our sisters ill equipped with proper Islamic knowledge to be the best Muslimahs they can be. One of the brothers put it best when he said, “How can we not remember our sisters, can a bird fly with only one wing?”.

The most popular section of the booth amongst the attendees was Camp Sunnah. As the enticing trailer rumbled in the back ground the brothers were engaging the people telling them of their personal stories and experiences from Camp Sunnah. Camp Sunnah is now in its fifth year of operation and continues to strive in leadership development and improve the experience every year as it receives hundreds of applicants for the 50 available seats.

So if you are thinking about attending this year’s Camp Sunnah check out the trailer below and be advised to submit your strong application as early as possible!

As-salaamu alaikum wr wb
Abu Dhar
NYM iNK Journalist

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