Need for Acceptance

There is an innate desire in human beings that drives us to desire acceptance from others. This is why peer pressure is an issue, people approach cigarettes and alcohol because of this huge element of social acceptance. When you want someone to love you or have an intimate relationship with you, you will show the best version of yourself. To receive the love of children or parents, you love them and you also want them to love you, which results in you doing specific things in order to gain that love.
Acceptance and love from others is a very powerful thing and can sometimes cause us to do things that can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. This is a huge aspect in how our human psychology is set up, we need to be loved and we want to be accepted. The best way we can utilize this desire and the most fulfilling way we can quench this desire is for us to receive the love of the Creator, the One that Created our heart in the first place.
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