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Muslim Nation within Education | Practical Prayer Tips 

This is the fifth post in the Muslim Nation within Education series written by a group of younger NYM iNK sisters who are currently in high school. This series focuses on their personal lived experiences as Muslimahs in the main stream high school system.

Previously, we discussed issues that young Muslim high school students are facing with prayer at school. To help with these obstacles, here are a set of practical tips from students just like you!


Don’t forget that your intention needs to be to please Allah (swt) as prayer is a mandatory act. On the same note, you are exercising the right to perform prayer as a Muslim.

Control your anger. 

From experience, I can tell you that it is very easy to become heated when dealing with these types of situations. Remember that your anger will not help the situation. Remember that our Rasul (saws) would never address a situation of this kind with anger.

Get your parents to go in. 

Parents have quite an authority within schools so getting your parents to speak with a teacher or principal will definitely help. Get them to ask for a room and a specific time.

Stand your ground. 

Worst comes to worst and they are still being an obstacle, bring up the fact that you have the right to practice your religion freely within your country.

Intention, control, parents, and persistence. 

Those are the main things that will help you prosper. Never let anyone be an obstacle. Never let anyone get in the way of you and Islam. Never let anyone stand between you and Allah (SWT).


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