Muslim Minds at MCE Mosque

In May, we had our third Masjid Evening Program at MCE Mosque in Edmonton where we were able to introduce our series ‘Muslim Minds’ to the congregation. Muslim Minds is a lecture series focused on helping our communities gain perspective and a path to empowerment through these challenging times were facing.

As Muslims, we know our role is to support the rest of our community. Retweeting and sharing posts is just the bare minimum that we can and should do. The lecture challenged us to ask ourselves, what have we done to make the situation better? What could we do to ensure the security and safety of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters? The lecture by linking back to the Seerah of the Prophet SAW showed that no matter what our circumstances we have to stand for what is right and for what is just.

NYM is planning a number of things for the future in Edmonton, so please be on the lookout by checking our Facebook page and website In July, NYM is planning another evening program at Al Rashid Mosque continuing with our Muslim Minds series, followed by a marriage workshop that is currently in development.

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