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Motherhood: The Qadr of Allah

As we listen to a child’s heartbeat for the very first time – it’s difficult to tell which is faster, the baby’s or your’s?

Allah (SWT) controls the entire growth process and prepares this tiny life to enter the world. At this time, mothers too prepare their bodies and homes for their new arrival. However, there are often complications and circumstances beyond our control.

Miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths – the ultimate height of worldly loss.

“When the child (of Zainab) was brought to Muhammad, dying; its body trembling and moving; the eyes of the Apostle of God shed many tears. And Saad said, “O Messenger of God! What is the weeping and shedding of tears?”

Muhammad (SAW) replied, “This is an expression of the tenderness and compassion, which the Lord hath put into the hearts of His servants; the Lord doth not have compassion on and commiserate with His servants, except such as are tender and full of feeling.”

The essence of our iman is how we accept the conditions we are faced with. Whether it be calamities, pain, regret or loss.

Yes, absolutely we are to go through such devastation and work through the stages of grief. However, when we prolong a lack of acceptance of what has occurred, we can lose faith in our Creator. We start questioning our purpose and our Creator’s plan for us.

“And they planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners.” (Quran 3:54).

We must also accept that we can be challenged with trials our entire life but must take solace in the fact that Allah (SWT) has not forgotten about His creation and that these tests are necessary.

Allah (SWT) does not test any soul beyond what it can handle. He does not forget your pain. He (SWT) is ever aware of it, and there for you should you turn to Him. Yes you lost something – something so sacred and dear to you. But are we aware of what we have gained? What Allah (SWT) has protected us from? What He (SWT) has in store for us that is better than we could ever imagine? Is He (SWT) not the one who gave you this blessing in the first place?

We can grieve, but we can never forget that this is the qadr of Allah (SWT) and that ultimately we must accept and be pleased with His most wise and merciful decree.

So grieve, but reflect. And know that He (SWT) will never forget His creation so as long as His creation remembers and turns to Him.

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