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Loss, Grief, & Hope 

This series is written by one of our NYM iNK Sisters who is a mother of one young child, with another on the way. From one Imancipated mother to another….

Oftentimes, the “firsts” of experiences are wonderful.
Other times, they may be not be as pleasant – especially when it comes to coping with the loss of a young one. Several sisters are consumed with grief, so much so, that they are unable to maintain their composure, which is not the way of Islam. Imagine a mother’s grief for her child or a child’s grief for their mother. What is the fate of a child who is not even out of his mother’s womb yet? 

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “The miscarried fetus will plead with his Lord if his parents are admitted to Hell. It will be said: “O fetus who pleads with your Lord! Admit your parents to Paradise.” So he will drag them out with his umbilical cord until he admits them to Paradise.’” [Sunan Ibn Majah]

Most of us know or have known someone who has lost a little one or miscarried. The All Merciful Creator has dictated that a mother and child might be separated in the dunya but certainly not in the Akhirah. The beauty of such verses is that naturally, we are struck with grief with a loss, yet in these hopeful words we find comfort and the strength to place our faith in the plan of our Creator. With this, we know that as a follower of Islam, we return to the one who has created us.

As Muslims, our Lord has created for us children who could be the reason for our entrance into Jannah. Subhan’Allah, what a blessing to discover within what may first feel like insurmountable grief and loss.

May Allah (SWT) increase our sabr towards situations of loss and, when faced with it, may our love of Allah (SWT) and his Messenger (SAW) increase. Ameen.


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