Last 10 Nights Power Plan | Qiyam Al Layl (Night Prayer)

As we prepare to enter the 22nd night of Ramadan, the next part of our Last 10 Nights Power Plan is Qiyam Al Layl! One of the hallmarks of Ramadan each year is the nightly Taraweeh prayers at the Masjid. As we approach the end of Ramadan, the oft-empty masajid are suddenly filled with people, seeking their reward from Allah (swt). SubhanAllah, there are few things more beautiful in this life.

It is important though, to remember that this reward is not guaranteed – certain conditions must be met. In addition, we sometimes miss out on opportunities to maximize our rewards. As such, we pray that these few reminders benefit each and every one of us as we spend the remainder of our nights standing in prayer out of faith and hope of reward from Allah (swt).


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