Jummah Mubarak

Often times, we as sisters may not take advantage of the blessings on Fridays because jumah salah is not mandatory for us. However, jumahs are very blessed days of the week and we should strive to seek out the rewards and take advantage of a day that is filled with barakah. This jumah, spend time with loved ones- have a lunch date and meet and part for the sake of Allah (swt). May Allah (swt) reward those who build and foster relationships within our ummah, Aameen!

Narrated Abu Hazim: Sahl said, “We used to feel happy on Fridays.” I asked Sahl, “Why?” He said, “There was an old woman of our acquaintance who used to send somebody to Buda’a (Ibn Maslama said, “Buda’a was a garden of date-palms at Medina). She used to pull out the silq (a kind of vegetable) from its roots and put it in a cooking pot, adding some powdered barley over it (and cook it). After finishing the Jumua (Friday) prayer we used to (pass by her and) greet her, whereupon she would present us with that meal, so we used to feel happy because of that. We used to have neither a midday nap, nor meals, except after the Friday prayer.” [Bukhari 6428]

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