Introducing: The Mental Health Series

Yes. We know. Mental health has become a buzz word nowadays, and it seems everyone has something to say about it. Which…on the one hand is good because a topic that used to be taboo is now something that struggling individuals can more openly discuss and receive support with.

On the other hand, we’re literally bombarded with ideas, opinions, and perspectives about mental health—many of which are misinformed or simply unhelpful. This in itself can be overwhelming to navigate.

Mental health resources are more and more accessible these days, but receiving true Islamic mental health support and guidance remains a challenge.

Here’s our goal: We’re going to talk about navigating day to day mental health struggles from an Islamic perspective, using divine knowledge from Allah (swt), wisdom from the Prophets (AS), and our pious predecessors. We’re going to share wellness strategies, but also encourage you to think about deep-rooted concepts like letting go of anger and managing anxiety as a Muslim through the lens of Islam while also sharing wellness ideas that are in line with Islam.

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