Imancipation Sisters Umrah Series: A Journey of a Lifetime | Part 6

So far in the Imancipation Umrah Series we’ve discussed the importance of making a true intention for Umrah no matter what stage of life you’re in, we’ve provided sisters practical preparation tips including which books to take and what to pack, as well as ideas for spiritual and mental preparation.

So now……imagine your voyage has begun. One key to getting the most out of your Umrah jourey is to view every single second as an opportunity to worship Allah (swt) and to reflect on His endless bounties.

Below is an Umrah journal reflection written on the airplane while travelling:

It is when you are in the sky with the orange sun rising before your eyes and you can barely see the blatant reminders of the dunya that you think to yourself “How can people not believe?” When you see the vastness of the sky and you know there are layers above this one, you can’t help but think, “Of course there’s something beyond our day to day dunya entrenched lives. There is a bigger picture.” And there’s something about watching the sunrise from an airplane window in the sky that reinforces your iman in a way that is difficult to put into words. There’s something about your eyes being filled with the piercing orange light and seeing the gorgeous, serene scene unfolding before your eyes that causes you to reflect. If this sun, a creation of Allah (swt) is so beautiful and powerful, then how beautiful and powerful must our Creator be? How All-Glorious must the One who controls that sun and sunrise be?

Dear brothers and sisters, your Umrah journey begins from the moment you start to think about going—so why not take advantage of every single moment leading up to, during, and after you visit the House of Allah (swt)?

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